snagging services

Northants based building inspections

What is snagging?

Snags are defects in your building. Some are minor cosmetic defects others can be more serious and lead to problems long after your building contractor has left the site. Your home is going to be, perhaps your largest investment. It pays therefore to ensure that its not defective in any way when you purchase it.

Exterior defect examples

defective exterior brickwork-part of snagging list defective exterior walls-part of snagging list

Why use a professional company?

It's the responsibility of the house builder to correct any building defects. You though have to spot any building defects and give a list of these to your contractor. This list of defects is called a snagging list. Very often you are given a short period of time to get your snagging list together. Spotting defects after your list has been actioned by your builder could lead to long delays before further action is taken.

Interior defect examples

skirting board defect-part of the snagging list defective interior woodwork-added to the snagging list

Our snagging surveys include:

Interior Exterior
kitchens brickwork
ceilings exterior walls
radiators fencing
bathroom- fittings guttering
tiling roofs
all woodwork window frames
plastering patios
loft hatch soffits
all plumbing exterior doors

Above are just some of the areas inspected

Why choose indi-sNag?

Spotting defects long after your builder or contractor has left the site and often the area can lead to major delays even legal arguments. We have the in-depth experience and expertise to ensure that you will have piece of mind that your investment is protected. We are a local company and so are always on-hand to help you and give you our expert guidance. You will not have to wait, often lengthy periods, for a surveyor from a different part of the country to get to you.

How our snagging services work

Once appointed, we will check your property thoroughly for defects. This can be done with your house builder or with yourselves though no accompanyment is necessary. We will then supply a full comprehensive snagging list and report.

We can return to re-examine once the work had been carried out by your builder should you require.

How we price for our work

We can liaisle with your house builder which means you don’t have to get personally involved.

We charge by how many rooms there are in your property. Our prices are based on £250.00 for inspection of a one bedroom property. To return to check work carried out carries an additional cost.

Make a snagging enquiry and we can give you an estimated cost breakdown straight away

After making an enquiry we will give you an estimated cost breakdown to your enquiry straight away. Your data is safe with us and you are not committing to anything by completing our form.